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Is there wireless local area network (WLAN)?2019-03-07T09:33:46+01:00

Yes, there is and it is free of charge for all marina guests. Password you can get at the reception desk.

What is the weather forecast for today/this week?2019-03-07T09:34:20+01:00

Guests can find weather forecast at the reception, printed daily.

Is announcement of the boat arrival required?2019-03-07T09:35:42+01:00

It is not obligate, but is recommended.

Is it possible to lift and low client’s boat in marina Novi?2019-03-07T09:34:55+01:00

Yes, it is possible to lift and low the boat with 40 t travel lift.

Is there available parking place for marina guests?2019-03-07T09:37:06+01:00

Marina guest have one parking place/ pro boat included in price.

Is it necessary to have a power of attorney to enter the vessel (if the person is not the owner of a vessel or person is not in the presence of the owner)?2019-03-07T09:37:55+01:00

Yes. It is necessary to have power of attorney written and sign by the boat owner.

Is it possible to carry out all boat works by the owner himself and to what extent?2019-03-07T09:41:00+01:00

Owner can carry out boat works only on the boat in the sea, and it is for free. In other case all guests needs to pay service works due to the prepared price list. 

Is there any possibility for disposal of oily and grey water?2019-03-07T10:00:07+01:00

Yes. It is possible to disposal oily and grey water, and it’s needs to be paid due to the price list.

How many electricity jacks guest can use pro berth?2019-03-07T09:55:45+01:00

Guest can use one electricity jack pro berth.

If a guest wants to extend his contract several times, does he have any loyalty discount?2019-03-07T09:56:23+01:00

Exclusively upon agreement with the marina manager.

Are there any accommodation facilities in marina Novi?2019-03-07T10:01:23+01:00

Yes. In marina Novi guests can find apartments categorized with five stars.

Who can use swimming pool area and is it for free?2019-03-07T10:02:44+01:00

All marina guests can use swimming pool area and this service needs to be paid extra on the spot.

What is opening time of the restaurant?2019-03-07T10:03:22+01:00

Working hours: 11 am until 10 pm

Is there any ATM and exchange office in vicinity?2019-03-07T10:03:55+01:00

Yes. At the distance of 10 m guests can find first ATM, and at the distance of 50 m guests can find exchange office.

Where guest can find port authority and what is the working time?2019-03-07T10:04:36+01:00

At the distance of 100 meters guests can find port authority.

Working hours are 08 am – 03 pm (Monday to Friday).

Is there each water and electricity connection pro berth?2019-03-07T09:10:00+01:00

Yes, each berth has its own electricity and water connection.


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